a little knowledge can go a long waya lot of professionals are crackpotsa man can’t know what it is to be a mothera name means a lot just by itselfa positive attitude means all the difference in the worlda relaxed man is not necessarily a better mana sense of timing is the mark of geniusa sincere effort is all you can aska single event can have infinitely many interpretationsa solid home base builds a sense of selfa strong sense of duty imprisons youabsolute submission can be a form of freedomabstraction is a type of decadenceabuse of power comes as no surpriseaction causes more trouble than thoughtalienation produces eccentrics or revolutionariesall things are delicately interconnectedambition is just as dangerous as complacencyambivalence can ruin your lifean elite is inevitableanger or hate can be a useful motivating forceanimalism is perfectly healthyany surplus is immoralanything is a legitimate area of investigationartificial desires are despoiling the earthat times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioningat times your unconsciousness is truer than your conscious mindautomation is deadlyawful punishment awaits really bad peoplebad intentions can yield good resultsbeing alone with yourself is increasingly unpopularbeing happy is more important than anything elsebeing judgmental is a sign of lifebeing sure of yourself means you’re a foolbelieving in rebirth is the same as admitting defeatboredom makes you do crazy thingscalm is more conducive to creativity than is anxietycategorizing fear is calmingchange is valuable when the oppressed become tyrantschasing the new is dangerous to societychildren are the hope of the futurechildren are the most cruel of allclass action is a nice idea with no substanceclass structure is as artificial as plasticconfusing yourself is a way to stay honestcrime against property is relatively unimportantdecadence can be an end in itselfdecency is a relative thingdependence can be a meal ticketdescription is more important than metaphordeviants are sacrificed to increase group solidaritydisgust is the appropriate response to most situationsdisorganization is a kind of anesthesiadon’t place too much trust in expertsdrama often obscures the real issuesdreaming while awake is a frightening contradictiondying and coming back gives you considerable perspectivedying should be as easy as falling off a logeating too much is criminalelaboration is a form of pollutionemotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responsesenjoy yourself because you can’t change anything anywayensure that your life stays in fluxeven your family can betray youevery achievement requires a sacrificeeveryone’s work is equally importanteverything that’s interesting is newexceptional people deserve special concessionsexpiring for love is beautiful but stupidexpressing anger is necessaryextreme behavior has its basis in pathological psychologyextreme self-consciousness leads to perversionfaithfulness is a social not a biological lawfake or real indifference is a powerful personal weaponfathers often use too much forcefear is the greatest incapacitatorfreedom is a luxury not a necessitygiving free rein to your emotions is an honest way to livego all out in romance and let the chips fall where they maygoing with the flow is soothing but riskygood deeds eventually are rewardedgovernment is a burden on the peoplegrass roots agitation is the only hopeguilt and self-laceration are indulgenceshabitual contempt doesn’t reflect a finer sensibilityhiding your emotions is despicableholding back protects your vital energieshumanism is obsoletehumor is a releaseideals are replaced by conventional goals at a certain ageif you aren’t political your personal life should be exemplaryif you can’t leave your mark give upif you have many desires your life will be interestingif you live simply there is nothing to worry aboutignoring enemies is the best way to fightillness is a state of mindimposing order is man’s vocation for chaos is hellin some instances it’s better to die than to continueinheritance must be abolishedit can be helpful to keep going no matter whatit is a gift to the world not to have babiesit is heroic to try to stop timeit is man’s fate to outsmart himselfit’s better to be a good person than a famous personit’s better to be lonely than to be with inferior peopleit’s better to be naive than jadedit’s better to study the living fact than to analyze historyit’s crucial to have an active fantasy lifeit’s good to give extra money to charityit’s important to stay clean on all levelsit’s just an accident that your parents are your parentsit’s not good to hold too many absolutesit’s not good to operate on creditit’s vital to live in harmony with naturejust believing something can make it happenkeep something in reserve for emergencieskilling is unavoidable but nothing to be proud ofknowing yourself lets you understand othersknowledge should be advanced at all costslabor is a life-destroying activitylack of charisma can be fatalleisure time is a gigantic smoke screenlisten when your body talkslooking back is the first sign of aging and decayloving animals is a substitute activitylow expectations are good protectionmanual labor can be refreshing and wholesomemen are not monogamous by naturemoderation kills the spiritmoney creates tastemonomania is a prerequisite of successmorals are for little peoplemost people are not fit to rule themselvesmostly you should mind your own businessmothers shouldn’t make too many sacrificesmuch was decided before you were bornmurder has its sexual sidemyth can make reality more intelligiblenoise can be hostilenothing upsets the balance of good and eviloccasionally principles are more valuable than peopleoffer very little information about yourselfoften you should act like you are sexlessold friends are better left in the pastopacity is an irresistible challengepain can be a very positive thingpeople are boring unless they are extremistspeople are nuts if they think they are importantpeople are responsible for what they do unless they are insanepeople who don’t work with their hands are parasitespeople who go crazy are too sensitivepeople won’t behave if they have nothing to losephysical culture is second bestplanning for the future is escapismplaying it safe can cause a lot of damage in the long runpolitics is used for personal gainpotential counts for nothing until it’s realizedprivate property created crimepursuing pleasure for the sake of pleasure will ruin youpush yourself to the limit as often as possibleraise boys and girls the same wayrandom mating is good for debunking sex mythsrechanneling destructive impulses is a sign of maturityrecluses always get weakredistributing wealth is imperativerelativity is no boon to mankindreligion causes as many problems as it solvesremember you always have freedom of choicerepetition is the best way to learnresolutions serve to ease our consciencerevolution begins with changes in the individualromantic love was invented to manipulate womenroutine is a link with the pastroutine small excesses are worse than then the occasional debauchsacrificing yourself for a bad cause is not a moral actsalvation can’t be bought and soldself-awareness can be cripplingself-contempt can do more harm than goodselfishness is the most basic motivationselflessness is the highest achievementseparatism is the way to a new beginningsex differences are here to staysin is a means of social controlslipping into madness is good for the sake of comparisonsloppy thinking gets worse over timesolitude is enrichingsometimes science advances faster than it shouldsometimes things seem to happen of their own accordspending too much time on self-improvement is antisocialstarvation is nature’s waystasis is a dream statesterilization is a weapon of the rulersstrong emotional attachment stems from basic insecuritystupid people shouldn’t breedsurvival of the fittest applies to men and animalssymbols are more meaningful than things themselvestaking a strong stand publicizes the opposite positiontalking is used to hide one’s inability to actteasing people sexually can have ugly consequencestechnology will make or break usthe cruelest disappointment is when you let yourself downthe desire to reproduce is a death wishthe family is living on borrowed timethe idea of revolution is an adolescent fantasythe idea of transcendence is used to obscure oppressionthe idiosyncratic has lost its authoritythe most profound things are inexpressiblethe mundane is to be cherishedthe new is nothing but a restatement of the oldthe only way to be pure is to stay by yourselfthe sum of your actions determines what you arethe unattainable is invariably attractivethe world operates according to discoverable lawsthere are too few immutable truths todaythere’s nothing except what you sensethere’s nothing redeeming in toilthinking too much can only cause problemsthreatening someone sexually is a horrible acttimidity is laughableto disagree presupposes moral integrityto volunteer is reactionarytorture is barbarictrading a life for a life is fair enoughtrue freedom is frightfulunique things must be the most valuableunquestioning love demonstrates largesse of spiritusing force to stop force is absurdviolence is permissible even desirable occasionallywar is a purification ritewe must make sacrifices to maintain our quality of lifewhen something terrible happens people wake upwishing things away is not effectivewith perseverance you can discover any truthwords tend to be inadequateworrying can help you prepareyou are a victim of the rules you live byyou are guileless in your dreamsyou are responsible for constituting the meaning of thingsyou are the past present and futureyou can live on through your descendantsyou can understand someone of your sex onlyyou can’t expect people to be something they're notyou can’t fool others if you're fooling yourselfyou don’t know what's what until you support yourselfyou have to hurt others to be extraordinaryyou must be intimate with a token fewyou must disagree with authority figuresyou must have one grand passionyou must know where you stop and the world beginsyou owe the world not the other way aroundyou should study as much as possibleyour actions are pointless if no one noticesyour oldest fears are the worst ones